Beamish Museum
Beamish Museum

Whenever we begin working with a new client, our first step is to provide an in-depth project plan and a dedicated team. Transitioning systems can be tricky, so our aim is to make this as straightforward as possible, by making sure our new client has everything they need. Our onboarding method is tried and tested and ensures the smoothest process possible. 

Our initial scoping and set-up outlined the requirements for Beamish, a world-class open-air museum with thousands of visitors per annum, to facilitate a cutting-edge online ticketing platform. 

Stepping Back In Time

One of the key requirements for Beamish was to sell their timed entries online whilst retaining the ability to sell to ‘walk-up’ visitors on the day. Doing what we do best, we created timed ticketing entry for general admission, allowing both online and offline sales, to facilitate effective management of the different sales channels. We were also able to set up ticketing for the museum's events, including their extremely popular Christmas experience. For this, our infrastructure team put additional resources in place, allowing extremely high sales volumes to be processed in minutes, without any impact on performance.

By providing a dynamic and comprehensive BackOffice we were also able to help Beamish seamlessly manage the large volume of private bookings and groups they receive throughout the year. This enabled them to add bookings as they were requested as well as easily managing their large group operator contacts.

Members, Members, Members...

If you're anything like us you'll want to go back to Beamish time and time again, which is why their Friends of Beamish Membership is so popular! Moving thousands of members over to a new system can be a real headache, but it's absolutely essential to provide a consistent and polished service! Our Onboarding team worked closely with Beamish to get the data into the required format and to import it in line with go-live to provide uninterrupted service. 

We also created direct debit plans, so that customers of Beamish had more flexibility over when they pay and renew their membership. 

The North’s Living Museum

Following the success of their go-live, Beamish continued to adapt their site and to take advantage of the numerous features that DigiTickets offers, including the introduction of a successful online shop, which is now featured on their ticketing site. Their dedicated Client Relationship Manager continues to work closely with them, supporting their growth and making sure that their ticketing runs smoothly. We look forward to many more years of successful partnership!

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