Fast track ticketing

Traditional admission processes force you to dedicate large numbers of staff to manning tills, forcing customers with simple admission needs to wait in the same queue as those with more bespoke requirements.

ProKiosk removes that need, allowing customers to fast-track with our self-service kiosks, allowing customers to select their tickets, make payment, and enter your attraction as quickly and easily as possible.

Our solution includes:

  • Branded kiosks
  • Reduced queue times
  • Automatic ticket upsells
  • Intuitive ticket-buying experience
  • Integrated Access Control 

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Success Stories

Since day one, we’ve been passionate about creating cutting-edge software backed by exceptional service and support.

In our first year, we won Finalist in the UK “Technology Innovation of the Year” awards, and since then we’ve gone on to win many more accolades.  But what really excites and rewards us is seeing our work add value for our clients.  Check out some of our featured projects below:

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