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When we think of Halloween, we can’t help but think of the annual Shocktober Fest held at Tulley’s Farm, Crawley. Our friends at Tulley’s joined DigiTickets right at the very beginning of our journey and have been with us every step of the way. A relationship that’s lasted for over 10 years!

The Tulley’s Team has become experts in almost every aspect of what DigiTickets can offer. Our system has proved to be a one-stop-shop suited to their multi-faceted business needs. A fourth-generation family farm, Tulley’s has been created from a grass-roots farming business into one of the most loved attractions in the UK; leading the way on exceptional and ever more imaginative events. Beginning as a modest farm, this now award-winning Farm Retailer has created a fantastic offering year on year.

Shocktober Fest

For twenty-five years Shocktober Fest has been one of the UK’s most popular scream events. This scarily immersive visit takes you into a deep dive of creepily creative haunt attractions. Showcasing ten different scare visits from ‘The Circus of Horrors’ to the ‘Wastelands Penitentiary’ and the ‘Chop Shop’ this haunted visit does have it all. Attracting tens of thousands of visitors per year, the DigiTickets system, handles these bookings with ease, making sure that the Tulley’s Team just has to focus on the scaring!

Pumpkin Picking

Would it even be October Half Term without a visit to Pumpkin picking patch? Pumpkins are at the heart of Halloween, so a visit to a pumpkin patch is a must! Supporting Tulley’s pumpkin picking (and many others!) DigiTickets provides an all-in-one solution to help these attractions manage capacity, upsell additional extras, report on visitor numbers and redemptions.  It’s more important now than ever to be able to manage your visitor numbers with precision, so attractions like Tulley’s have taken advantage of easy to use Back Office system by easily adding, editing, timed- sessions and increasing capacity, anywhere from any device.

Multiple Companies

As a powerhouse of the tourism sector, the Tulley’s brand is one of the most recognisable in the industry, renowned for their ability to transform and create multiple events inside and outside of the main season. Part of this brand means having multiple ticketing sites, for each of their events. DigiTickets creates each site, in its own unique branded way, to maximise sales as well as standing out from the crowd, but keeping the overarching Tulley’s brand weaving throughout each site.

Spooktacular Sales

Overall, by using the DigiTickets platform the Tulley’s Team have been able to capitalise on sales. To date, DigiTickets has facilitated a huge amount of sales through its platform for the many different Tuley’s events. DigiTickets has also reduced staff resources by automating some key features such as automatic emails reminding the customer that their visit is upcoming and prompting for feedback post-visit; enhancing the customer experience year on year.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Tulley’s team had to say:

“DigiTickets helped build our ticket system. They are never short of giving us a helping hand, answering questions and ensuring it is all correct before we go live. We find everything DigiTickets do amazing however what really stands out is when we do have an issue it is resolved very quickly. We feel DigiTickets go above and beyond helping us with anything we need”

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