Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo

Running an attraction that sees over 1 million visitors a year is no mean feat! The team at Dublin Zoo operate Ireland's largest family attraction, home to over 400 animals. Working with them for almost a decade, we've supported Dublin Zoo as they've grown and developed their events programme. 

Wild Lights

Making its debut in 2017, it's safe to say that Wild Lights has been one of the most successful events we've ever seen! Attracting visitors from all over the world, Wild Lights is a truly stunning magically colourful experience. Lighting up the skies of Dublin for weeks, Wild Lights is certainly not one to miss. 

With Wild Lights amassing its own following, separate from the daytime admissions demographic, it made sense for the Dublin Zoo team to make use of our branches feature. Using branches meant that entirely different branding was applied. This meant that the incredible branding, colours, and imagery could be placed on the Wild Lights branch, making for a much more aesthetically pleasing customer journey. 

Supporting Wild Lights, we've worked with the Team at the zoo in order to help optimise the process of their redemptions. With huge volumes of people heading through their doors each day, it was imperative that they had a quick and efficient redemption solution. Let's face it, no one likes to queue! 

Fast-Paced Redemptions

So, how do you get thousands of people through your doors quickly and efficiently, so they can maximise their time on-site? Our answer is a combination of staff training, efficient hardware and excellent software. Our ProPoint EPOS solution allows tickets to be scanned and redeemed in seconds, helping visitors to flow through with ease. 

Handheld scanners are a perfect way of queue-busting on busy days, and our Client Services Team have enjoyed working with the Dublin Zoo team on the opening nights of Wild Lights, providing hands-on support.

Gift Vouchers, Adoption Packs and more...

With conservation at the heart of their offering, the zoo's adoption packs are perfect for animal lovers! Selling adoption packs allows Dublin Zoo to raise awareness and gather more supporters, enabling them to continue the incredible work they do. We're pretty proud that they've chosen DigiTickets to facilitate this!

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