Christmas at British Garden Centres
British Garden Centres

We like a challenge at DigiTickets, and supporting all of the British Garden Centres ticketing is quite the operation! Luckily, we're used to working with companies that have multi-venues and locations, so we were perfectly placed to take the project on. 

A Family-Led Business

With 2,700 staff and 60 sites in total, British Garden Centres is now one of the leading garden centre brands in the UK. Founded in the 1987s by Charles and Robert Stubbs, Woodthorpe Garden Centre was the first site to be added to their repertoire. Since then, the company has seen rapid growth, particularly in the last few years, going from just 10 to 60 sites, and 2019 & 2020 saw the acquisition of a staggering 49 centres. That's quite an expansion!

Whilst they are most renowned for their horticultural enterprise, British Garden Centres also have a hospitality offering. With on-site restaurants and cafes and an events program, you guessed it, that's where we come in.

Location, location, location

For a multi-site project, getting each location right is absolutely key. One of the first steps to getting this project underway was to begin to build multiple venues, matching the BGC brand. We also utilised our GPS location feature, meaning that customers looking to visit would be able to see which of the many centres was closest to them. Our branch's feature is perfect for this kind of setup and there's no limit on the number of venues you can add!

Santa's Grotto

We know that Christmas is one of the most important seasons for the tourism industry. The demand for visiting Santa's grottos is ever-growing and most of our clients will comfortably sell out. So, managing hundreds of clients launching events in one of the UK's most profitable industries means having a top team and an infrastructure to match. 

Today, visiting Santa at a garden centre is one of the most popular ways for families to celebrate the festive season, so, it's important to get it right. You might think that this just includes the visit on the day, but, the journey starts for the customers from the moment they visit your website. 

Maximising Conversions

Making the most out of your ticketing platform can make a huge difference to your conversion rate and your customers' happiness level when they eventually do arrive on the day. Having a ticketing page that makes the process both informative and easy is a great place to start. 

Our tried and tested approach is to reduce the number of clicks to three / four. This makes sure that you're going to keep the interest of your website visitors without them getting bored and leaving. Everyone hates a glitchy platform that's slow to load and confusing to use, so making sure your software is the best it can be is as important as possible. By working with DigiTickets, British Garden Centres have maximised their potential by using software that can keep up with any demand. 

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