With four locations to manage tickets for, Frosts needed separate sites that could all work in conjunction, making it clear to customers which centre they were booking for, while allowing for separate management behind the scenes.

Using DigiTickets, Frosts have been able to achieve this; customers choose which centre they would like to visit and are then presented with a customised site, listing the available tickets. This way the Frosts team are able to report on sales as a whole or by centre, easily accessing the data they need.

Santa’s Grotto at Frosts

Like many of our clients, Frosts are experts in creating events and experiences for their customers to enjoy. Their fantastically festive Santa's Grotto really stands out though; it's the go-to grotto for many families and never fails to sell out, often within hours of ticket release.

Using our software, Frosts have been able to control their thousands of sessions in real-time, adding and amending sessions and capacity as needed as well as controlling availability across their various locations.

Importantly, DigiTickets also includes all those magical touches that make an event truly special, allowing Frosts to collect personalised data to be used by Santa and his elves during the customer's visit.


Packed With Events

Whilst the team at Frosts are most well known for their incredible Christmas programme, their talents extend much further! They also host unique, all-year-round events at their different locations. With afternoon teas, birthday parties, candle-making workshops, supper clubs, and even superhero workshops there truly is something for everyone! 

Their creativity knows no bounds and, their DigiTickets ticketing pages reflect this. Of course, it's not just a case of putting up some ticketing and selling. A lot of teamwork goes into launching a Frosts event, especially high-profile ones like Christmas. Our Infrastructure and Client Services Teams are always on hand to monitor traffic, optimise bookings, and liaise with the team at Frosts. We get it; launching an event that you've been planning for months is always nerve-wracking, which is why we're always on hand to help.

Features Used

  • Ability to manage multiple branches  
  • Sale Limits and Capacity Control  
  • Personalised checkout options
  • Multiple branded branches
  • Reporting Suite

Here’s what Frost’s had to say:

“Our companies have worked together for such a long time it feels like we’ve really developed and stepped up together. The whole DigiTickets team have always been so accommodating and I know that someone is always on hand at the other end of the phone. You just don’t get that kind of customer service anywhere else. I really feel like our brands align and it feels like DigiTickets are almost an extension of our company. We have such an open relationship with them, and we always recommend DigiTickets to other companies we work with”

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Million Processed

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