Seaton Tramway
Seaton Tramway

Home to a fleet of historic trams, Seaton Tramway carries thousands of visitors along its tracks every year! Today, you can travel back in time along Seaton's historic line.

Running alongside the Axe Estuary, Seaton Tramway runs for three miles through East Devon's beautiful Axe Valley! Over the past 8 years, Seaton Tramway have continued to upgrade their online ticketing platform by partnering with DigiTickets.

Staying on Track

Transport is a huge part of British History and one which we have always been fascinated with. One thing we all know about managing transport is that it can be pretty complicated! DigiTickets provides Seaton Tramway with the ability to manage even the most complex of ticketing. By utilising our trading planner tool, Seaton are able to highlight on their online booking calendar, which routes and stops are entailed. Plus, paired with our upsells feature, visitors can bolt on packages like cream teas deals - and who could resist those!

Online Shopping

Whilst so many heritage railways preserve the past, that doesn't mean that they can't utilise all the amazing things we have in our modern world today. Seaton Tramway have done just that! Whilst, we're pretty well known for our online ticketing, we also have a shop module too. Seaton have made use of this feature, by creating a beautiful online shop. Set out into sub-categories, Seaton are selling online some of the best bits - it's a collectors paradise. Not only are they using our dispatch management area, to control orders and postage, but they also have made use of our featured products to highlight those best sellers as soon as customers land of their page! 

The Polar Express™

Amongst the myriad of special event Seaton Tramway hold each year, The Polar Express™ has to be up there as one of their most popular events throughout the year and it's no surprise why! DigiTickets is incredibly popular for attractions launching their Christmas ticketing and Seaton is no different. One of the biggest considerations, for Christmas ticketing launches, is scaling! We all know Christmas is very popular, so making sure that the ticketing page can scale to the volume of visitors is key. DigiTickets hosts all ticketing pages, so you'll never need to worry about traffic or load - we've got it covered.  

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