St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount

Our wonderful Business Development Team kicked off the St Michael's Mount project. Supplying ticketing for one of the country's most well-known attractions required extensive scoping to identify and meet the St Michael's Mount Team's logistical and practical requirements.

Looking at the Logistics

Not only is St Michael’s Mount one of the most impressive attractions around, but it's also one of the most logistically challenging. As a tidal island, access to the Mount is either by an ancient, cobbled causeway, which only opens at low tide, or via boat.

One of the most important aspects of the build, as always, was to ensure that the customer journey was as clear as possible so that visitors were able to see how they would access the island on any given date. Creating the ticketing site meant utilising many different features of the DigiTickets Back Office, in order to achieve a smooth, clear, user experience. As part of this, we divided the categories into Public Admission and National Trust Admission, as well as creating multiple events for the Castle, Gardens, and Combination visitors. This gave the Team at St Michael’s Mount ultimate control over their capacity, allowing them to efficiently manage their tickets and see who was visiting at any given time.

The Trading Planner

By applying the Trading Planner feature to different timeslots, the team were able to highlight the customer journey for each time, giving visitors a smooth crossing either by boat or by causeway! After selecting their session, customers were presented with a purchase suggestion for a boat journey where applicable, making the customer journey seamless. Finally, the Back Office automatic emails function was also used as a secondary safeguard, emailing customers two days before their visit to ensure that they had everything they needed. A link to the boat tickets category was also included, just in case!

Cornish Shopping

Creating an eye-catching online shop was another key requirement of the build, showcasing bespoke Cornish products, jewellery, and kitchenware. All of these incredible products needed to be clearly displayed to customers, while still being easy to add and update. As a world-renowned attraction, St Michael’s Mount also took advantage of features allowing for multiple delivery methods and price differences for various postage types, to help them to easily manage deliveries to customers in far-flung locations.

St Michael's Mount
St Michael's Mount

The Result

With their new ticketing site up and running St Michael’s Mount are now able to manage their site, tickets, dates, times, and prices with ease. On site, staff are trained to scan ticket barcodes and redeem visitors with our queue-busting ticket redemption software, ProPoint.

Our team are looking forward to supporting the St Michael’s Mount team through a successful season, and hope to continue working with them in the future to keep improving their offering.

Features Used

  • Trading Planner Highlights
  • Purchase Suggestions
  • Automatic Emails
  • Time Based Ticketing
  • Delivery Methods
  • Retail

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