Willows Activity Farm
Willows Activity Farm

Home of PETER RABBIT TM and friends, Willows Activity Farm is one of the most well-loved family attractions in the UK!

Working with DigiTickets for almost a decade, Willows have grown with us. With memberships, parties, groups, special events, and more, Willows have made the most out of DigiTickets online ticketing and our EPOS solution too. 

Intregrated Attractions App

An engaging customer experience on a day out is a must! There are so many ways to achieve this, but for Willows their on-site app enhances the experience for visitors. Part of the requirement for Willows was to integrate with Attractions.io in order to ensure that customer data was pulled through to their app too; we worked with them to ensure that their online ticketing and on-site app were integrated, making life much easier. Plus, for their members, this meant that all their information was in one place. An integrated digital wallet was also built meaning that members could access their membership card, on-site through the app.

Summer Camping!

When you think of attraction ticketing you don't necessarily think about camping, but that's the beauty of DigiTickets! Willows now host their summer camping online, allowing visitors to book their day tickets and camping all in one single basket transaction. This has helped them to increase visitor stays on-site as well as adding to the incredible offering that Willows can provide.

Memberships, Birthday Parties, Group Bookings and more...

If we wanted to write about all the features Willows are using, we'd be here quite a while! But, some of the more operational aspects of their site are group bookings, memberships, and birthday parties. If you've ever run an attraction you'll know that all of these elements can be complicated! 

Being able to manage tens of thousands of memberships is super important! It's one thing selling a membership (for Willows that's either by direct debit or a one-off payment), but it's quite another managing and communicating with your members too. Willows needed a robust system to enable them to look after all their members, with an intuitive back office and customer portal for managing renewals, customer details, marketing preferences, and more. 

Today, our partnership is still growing with Willows and we're excited about helping them meet their goals in the future. 

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