A day in the life of a Support Team Member!

Support Team at DigiTickets

Next up, it's the Support Team! Always on hand to help, and knowledgeable about all things DigiTickets, the Support Team is core to our operations. This week, we spoke to Jacob, a previous Technical Support Specialist and now Manager of the team. 

Hi Jacob! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to talk to us. Tell us who you are and what you do! 

So, I am the Client Support Team Manager at DigiTickets, I run the Support team, who help our clients using the DigiTickets platform. We provide clients with technical advice and guidance showing them how to use all of the software that we offer. But it's not just technical advice, we also help with best practices and any kind of event set-up too! 

Wow! That sounds busy. 

Yes, we are the front line of DigiTickets and we speak to a range of clients every day, through various different channels. 

So tell us about your journey in DigiTickets.

So I used to work for an outsourcing company and one of my roles was working for the John Lewis Campaign providing technical support (although I wasn't involved in the Christmas ads, sadly!). I saw a role for a Technical Support Specialist at DigiTickets and started in April 2021. I hit the ground running and was really interested in ways in which we could make our support even better. This led to me becoming the Support Team Leader, and I continued to make changes to our operational workflows, we've made some great progress!

So how many people do you have in Support?

At the moment, there are five people plus me! 

Do you outsource any of the Support help?

All our Support is in-house, we don't outsource any of our team, who are all based in our office in Exeter. We of course also work collaboratively with our colleagues across departments, such as the Developers, Projects Team, Client Services, and Product Teams. 

So tell us, what's a typical day in Support?

We generally start by reviewing the previous day's cases and check to see if we have any replies or if we can resolve any cases. From there it's straight on our webchat platform, phones, and answering emails. There are lots of ways to get in contact with us. The team will also be busy writing instructional guides or updating any of our how-to videos. The product is constantly being updated, so we make sure our clients know how to use new enhancements. The team will also be involved with our clients to help set up different events or tickets, it's certainly not just technical help, we provide assistance for clients getting ready to put tickets on sale - particularly around the key holidays! 

It sounds very fully on! Do you find a lot of it is more collaborative? We often see customers signing up for certain software and then never getting any help afterward. What's your take on this?

For us, we're champions of the clients more than anything else. We want to make sure they get the most out of DigiTickets, so if there's a particular feature we think would be useful to them then we're here to let them know how to use it. We also advise on the best practices for these features. We also often have clients come to us with a particular scenario that they need help solving, for example, if a client is wanting to be able to upsell additional tickets, we can go through the process of what this looks like and how it might work for their end customer. Our job really is to help and guide! 

So, tell us, is there anything exciting we should be looking out for in Support?

*Laughs* Yes, we are in the very early stages of developing a training program called the DigiTickets Academy! This will provide a certification program for our team and also our clients. It will mean that everyone gets the same foundational knowledge on how to use DigiTickets. For instance, if your company has hundreds of employees they can nominate a staff member to receive the official training - a train-the-trainer approach. 

There are a lot of other things that we have got going on to make support even better, plus we're looking to going to visit our client's in person as well. Previously we weren't able to do this due to the pandemic, but now are actively looking to get out and about. 

So one last question Jacob, this is your opportunity to tell us, if a client wants to get hold of Support, what should they do?

So we are open seven days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm, you can give us a call on 01392 826980, and from the Back Office, you can click on the lower right-hand icon to enable a webchat to talk to our team. Finally, we are also available via email which is [email protected] and we will raise a support case for you. Remember we're here to help! 

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

24th November, 2022

Posted By

Tara Beacroft

24th November, 2022

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